2019 GRAMMY NOMINATED!! Bruckner: Symphony No. 9


Release date August 23rd

Jean-Yves Duperron at the Classical Music Sentinel:
“… this account is highly gripping. … a Bruckner symphony is ‘absolute’ music. You can’t evince a different outcome from a harmonic progression or a sequence of chords. Its sound and proportions have to be just right. I would have to say that this “live” performance achieves exactly that.”

“…worth its weight in gold…words fall short to express the deeply…profound feeling of divine accomplishment.”

Symphony No. 9 in D Minor

I. Feierlich - Sehr ruhig [25:04]
II. Scherzo: Bewegt, lebhaft - Trio: Schnell [10:20]
III. Adagio: Sehr langsam, feierlich [27:46]

Hybrid SACD contains 5.0 and Stereo SACD & CD Stereo